Earth Above Heaven is a landscape design firm providing integrative solutions aimed at creating autonomous, resilient, and ecologically harmonious habitats at the smallest practical scale.


EaH is a farm within a farm, a microcosmic meta-project, the physical home of Earth Above Heaven, and is pronounced \E-[a’]\, or roughly the same way folks around here say “here.” EaH is conceptually composed of four regions represented by I Ching trigrams: , ☰, ☶, and .

(Earth) is an experimental earth-sheltered wofati structure integrating a tiny house, herbal apothecary, and space for yoga. Although the easternmost region, it is the conceptual seed from which the other three regions sprout. It’s a work in progress, about 2/3rds complete, and the current focus is building a rocket mass heater inside to heat it.

☶ (Mountain,) (Heaven,) and (Lake) are to the north, west, and south, respectively, and together they form the uphill patio, facilitating drainage around the earthen structure. Streams, waterfalls, ponds, berms, raised beds, cairns, meditation nooks, labyrinthine paths, and foot-bridges will be interwoven with fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines on trellises, along with patches of mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs, creating a forest garden amphitheatre with a diverse array of microclimates and outdoor rooms for a variety of uses. This is a long-term project that’s only just begun, and will be continuously evolving over the years to come.

Besides producing bountiful yields of healthy vegetables, herbs, fruit, and other foods, EaH will also eventually be available as a venue providing comfortable, inspiring, and cozy spaces for small community gatherings, workshops, mini-concerts, and events.

Bardo Farm

Earth Above Heaven and Eah are made possible with the support of Bardo Farm, the larger community of which EaH is only a small part. Learn more at BardoFarm.com and BardoProject.com. Bardo Farm spans more than 200 acres, from dense forests to open fields, and is home to a wide variety of both domestic and wild life, providing Earth Above Heaven with perpetual opportunities to pursue permaculture projects aimed at improving efficiency by turning waste into useful energy and integrating plants, animals, microorganisms, and landscape elements into agriculturally productive ecosystems.


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