RMH Core Mockup 1

rocket core mockup 1

This is just a mortar-free dry-stack mockup of an 8 inch system. It uses fifty-nine firebrick splits for the heat riser, feed tube, and the sides and ceiling of the burn tunnel. It also uses eight 7″ square concrete pavers for the floor. The interior dimensions of the burn tunnel are 5 3/4″ tall by 8 1/8″ inch wide, and the heat riser is 7″ square. Two of the firebricks need to be trimmed a bit for everything to fit more smoothly, so this iteration was slightly off at the feed tube and the bottom of the heat riser.

Once lit, it drew nicely, roared/purred a little, and produced very little smoke, just a bit at the beginning and at the end of the burn. Note that the vertical heat riser is around twice as long as the horizontal burn tunnel. Relatively taller heat riser corresponds to a greater convective draw. It could be taller still to be at a reasonable height for cooking on, which should also improve draw. The next component to test will be the additional insulation around the heat riser, which should improve draw and efficiency of combustion.


2 thoughts on “RMH Core Mockup 1

  1. Nice! I would love to see the next steps! Thank you for sharing. I am drawing up plans for a spot right outside the house to set up a bench heater. Any tips?


  2. Thanks! When I get the rest of the materials, I’ll continue sharing the rest of the process. The forums at permies.com are a fantastic resource. In fact, they’re doing a promo right now where if you sign up for their daily-ish email, you can get free rmh plans. I wish you the best of luck with your projects. 🙂


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